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Workshops to teach seniors new skills

SGD 40.00

Our seniors are eager to learn new skills and keep their minds active. Help them stay up to date and connected with society. Our workshops teach them new skills such as social media and photography, to enable them to pursue new hobbies and talents.

Your contribution will help them find a new zest for learning and increase their self-esteem.

We will honour your giving and generosity by using your donation effectively and we endeavour to channel your donation to a charitable cause of your interest. Each item that is required from the programme is representative of the needs of that programme and all donations will be used to provide assistance and meet needs as reflected on this page. In rare occasions where the total donation received for the selected programme of your choice exceeds what is needed, MWS reserves the right to redirect your donation to other programmes as listed on this page with other critical needs. Thank you for your generosity.

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