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Rehabilitate Juvenile Delinquents

SGD 50.00

Mistakes made in the folly of youth should not trap them for life. We believe in making breakthroughs and second chances possible for our young offenders.

Juvenile delinquents may come from dysfunctional families and are unmotivated in school, leading to insecurity and low self-esteem. They often fall under the influence of negative peers who give them the sense of belonging and attention they crave.

To help rehabilitate our girls, each of them have a staff who will journey with them throughout their probation, and paired with a mentor. We help them take responsibility for their mistakes and rehabilitate them in a safe and conducive environment.

Activities such as animal therapy, volunteer trips and even mountain climbing trips, are prepared to help them build up positive characteristics and resilience. We also help them reflect after these activities to personalise the experience and internalise the learning points.

We prepare them for life after probation by building positive social networks for them. Their family members are engaged in family therapy and counselling sessions to improve family relationships. They are also encouraged to go for skills training or back to school to improve their employment prospects. After they graduate from our hostel, we follow up with them through our 6-month post care programme to ensure they do not fall through the cracks as they transit to the next stage of their lives.

Your gift will help our young offenders rebuild their lives.

We will honour your giving and generosity by using your donation effectively and we endeavour to channel your donation to a charitable cause of your interest. Each item that is required from the programme is representative of the needs of that programme and all donations will be used to provide assistance and meet needs as reflected on this page. In rare occasions where the total donation received for the selected programme of your choice exceeds what is needed, MWS reserves the right to redirect your donation to other programmes as listed on this page with other critical needs. Thank you for your generosity.

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